And So It Begins…

2020 seems to have been the new decade that sneaked up on us without anyone quite realising. Perhaps partly because it hasn’t had the most auspicious start. The year kicked off with a feeling of unease around the new political era, Brexit looming, bushfires raging in Australia, Jakarta under water…

2019 saw the explosion of the Fridays for Future movement, Greta Thunberg becoming a household name, mass protest by Extinction Rebellion and a first ever Climate Debate for party leaders. Yet this hasn’t really translated into any meaningful action. We have just given a sizeable majority to a party with a pitiful track record on the environment, COP25 failed to make any meaningful progress and scientists warn that, without unprecedented action, we are headed for climate chaos as global carbon emissions continue to rise. It can be hard not to feel defeated, frustrated, powerless.

Photo by Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash

Against this backdrop, I saw a post from a friend calling on us to make this new decade the ‘Soaring Twenties‘ and I felt a glimmer of optimism. I’ve been sitting on ideas for this site for a little while now, but it’s time to start before I’m ready. It’s a place to fight eco-anxiety with actions we can take which do make a difference and with stories of people and organisations who are creating positive change. Welcome.

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