I’m Cecily…

Over the past decade, the climate and environmental crisis that we are facing has taken up more and more of my attention and focus. My general interest and awareness (possibly best symbolised by the image of a cartoon earth inside a greenhouse from a Geography lesson circa 1995) was pulled into sharp focus by Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything and I haven’t really looked back. Becoming a parent 3 years ago has only served as a catalyst.

As well as writing here, I use my background in finance to help companies to create a truly sustainable business plan, in every sense of the word. I am also a co-founder of the Sustainability Network – a community for positive change.

And This is Bold New World

Bold New World is taking the fight to eco-anxiety. We are living in difficult times and it can be hard not to feel hopeless in the face of the enormous challenges facing us due to the climate emergency. We may be trying to change our behaviour and to talk about it to those around us, but it’s easy to feel as though our actions are a drop in the ocean when faced with our government’s inaction and the lack of interest from others. This is a place to show that we are not alone, and to bring positivity and a sense of excitement about the future.

This is a space which shines a spotlight on individuals and organisations who are doing things differently and contributing to a positive future for our planet. A place which helps you to take action to make a positive difference. Welcome.